I'm so excited to introduce my next writer for our Good Vibes & Loyal Tribes Series! Bailey came into my life as a lovely breath of fresh air. When I met her the first thing I thought was that she was a BRIGHT PINK starburst in a world of yellows. I thought there was no fucking way that this girl was REALLY this nice. Everyone can put on a front once in a while right?! Well turns out she really is that nice! She as a total cup of tea yet sometimes she blurts out profanity (and then apologizes for it) like a trucker that drank a 40 of jack. I just love her. Can't wait for you all experience Bailey & her kind soul. 
- Bobbie -

Hey all you Bold and Brassy Babes!

My name is Bailey and I am thrilled to be writing to all you wonderful humans. When Bobbie asked me to do a guest blog post I was instantly excited. It has been a long time dream of mine to have a blog of my own and this year I am slowly but surely making it happen! I have always admired Bobbie’s drive and passion for everything she puts her heart into. Bold and Brassy, her network marketing company, being a wife and amazing mother, she can do it all! She has a heart of gold and I was honored when she asked me to write a little something for her blog.

So a little bit about myself. I am a farm girl and proud of it. I grew up outside a little town called Wanham and have always had a passion for the great outdoors, good food, dogs (or all animals in fact), traveling and testing my limits like going skydiving and bungee jumping (seriously you have to try it!). I have the biggest, greatest family a girl could ask for and spend most of my weekends with them. My parents are two of the most genuine good hearted people I know and I am so proud to call them mine. They raised my sister and I to be honest, hardworking, compassionate, sarcastic and best of all to treat everyone how you would like to be treated. I initially asked Bobbie what she wanted me to write about and she told me to write something I am passionate about. I instantly thought about kindness. Knowing this was another aspect that my parents definitely drilled into my head (if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say nothing at all); I had to write about it. I definitely don’t think there are enough people in this world that spread that shit around like confetti.

Working in the hospital for the past 3 years surely showed me that a little kindness can go a LONG way! It doesn’t have to be something big, a simple smile or a listening ear has the potential to turn a bad day into a brighter one. Elderly people have such a special place in my heart and when I can brighten up their life for even a couple of minutes it makes my heart smile. I don’t think I can even count the amount of stories that I have listened to and they have not just lit up the storyteller’s day but also mine. Every time I leave the room I feel like my heart is going to burst with love. Or outside of work when you are walking down the sidewalk and you say “good morning” at a stranger and they say it back. I don’t know what it is but it makes you feel good inside. Makes you feel that there still is some good in this world. Just by a simple gesture. I can promise you that being a kind, compassionate human will make others grin, as well as make you
feel like you have done something to make this world a little brighter. And the best part, it doesn’t cost a damn thing.
Here is a list I compiled of day to day things you can do to spread a little more kindness in this crazy world we live in;

 Smile at a stranger

 Say Please & Thank You

 Help someone carry their groceries to their car

 Volunteer at an animal shelter

 Give a compliment

 Visit the elderly

 Write a note on a job well done

 Shovel someone’s driveway or mow their grass

 Help someone with directions

 Lend a crying shoulder

 Say I love you to loved ones

 Donate old clothing to places in need

 Hold the door open for someone

See, it’s pretty simple. If you go about your day and do little gestures here and there to be more kind I can promise you that it won’t just make their day better but will also fill your heart with happiness as well. You can be the reason someone smiles today!



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