When the vision of Bold & Brassy started to turn into reality, I knew I needed to find someone creative to bring that vision alive. A wise woman {I'm going to chalk it up to Oprah} once said if you want to be successful you need to partner up with people who are better than you in areas. I knew to bring my vision alive I needed to find a photographer who could do that. There are so many photographers out there but there are few who spoke out to me in the ways I was looking for.

List of things I was looking for:

* Someone who lit up a room they walked in, instead of lighting it up when they walked out.

* Someone who was hungry for success and accepts no excuses, only results.

* Someone who was ON purpose and had a mission to be the best version of themselves. 

* Someone who does what they say they will do, even after the mood they were in when they said it has     fled the scene.

Sam Callioux of SJ Originals Photography is a woman who walks in her purpose. A woman who walks in her purpose doesn't have to chase people or opportunity. Her light causes people and opportunity to chase her. This sums her up and that is saying the least. I first met Sam a few years back when the two of us ran for Miss Grande Prairie Stompede. She was authentic and I knew in my gut {remember me talking about the tug in my first blog?} that she was meant to be in my life in a big way. She actually won the crown and I remember feeling so excited and knowing she was the perfect one fit for that crown. I'm not pageant material, that's for damn sure. I have to admit though, I had a great time vying for the title and I ate more pancakes in a week than your average rodeo cowboy traveling the pro circuit!

We often cannot look ahead and connect the dots on our journey. We have to live life and later on we will look back and be able to connect the dots then. Looking back I know for sure, we met then so we can empower each other now. I have no idea where the path will lead us {i'm excited to find out} but I know for sure that this lady has brought my vision to life through her talent. When you are on a mission in life and have a crystal clear vision of what it is you are chasing, the Universe will move people and circumstances to give you what you ask for. Whether you believe this is hokey pokey or not, I fully believe we were meant to cross paths. She is empowering herself and others through her passion of photography. It's a real blessing to have that kind of light shine on my business.

"The woman who follows the crowd usually goes no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been" - Albert Einstein

Sam, you are not alone but I know you are going to find yourself in some incredible oppotunity and do amazing things. Your light shines bright. Shine on and thank you!

Bobbie xo

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