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Bobbie here. I know it's been a long ass while since I last posted here but that's in the past and I don't live there. Moving forward, I'm still learning that whole taking over the world of business (I say that loosely btw haha) all the while keeping my priorities, which are my children, husband & true happiness in check.  What is life like for a mompreneur? I'm going to tell you! It's not hard but is certainly has its challenges.

I have two little ones at home. Sawyer Mary-May who is a darling and two weeks shy of being 2 years old and Easton James who is a month or so from being 4. They are full of energy and wild. Often times people cock their head, look at me with sad puppy dog eyes and say "wow, they sure are busy". As if what they are really trying to say is they should be medicated. Really? I had no idea. Dick. FYI, don't say that to a permanently exhausted mom who obviously knows they are "busy". It's not productive nor are you offering up a solution. Try this instead "Would you like me to babysit for you so you can go for a pedicure and drink a box of wine with your best gal pals?". Anyways, getting back on track. Aside from having two active little ones at home, being the sole owner and visionary for Bold & Brassy, I am also a very proud wife, and build a successful business on the side with a  Health & Wellness company that I've been with for 5 1/2 years. Somehow I am blessed enough to make the time to spend with my family & friends creating beautiful and fun memories. It is painful to me to hear someone say "I don't have enough time". It's simply not the truth. A priority is being stated, not a fact. We all by the grace of God are blessed with 24hrs in a day and what we choose to do with them is what creates your life. I am very fortunate to have the ability to design my days. This does come at a price. Every choice we make on a daily basis, whether it's working when we'd rather be playing, or playing when we know we should be working has a price and/or a benefit. For me, when my son turned 6 months old and it was time to start thinking about day cares that decision became crystal clear. At the time, my husband and I had built our dream life on two income and no kids. All of the sudden, I was having to choose between time and what my heart wanted and money. That isn't a good feeling. I jumped into the world of Network Marketing to supplement that income and what I achieved in that time far exceeded my expectations. I honed in on learning the skills it would take to create a life by design. Creating this for my family is extremely rewarding. Throw in another baby and a lot less sleep and what we have is a hot mess of failures, unbalanced balancing acts, sweat equity and a lot of tears. My decision to be the best student of Network Marketing and do whatever it took, for however long it took has brought me to the person I am today who feels confident and competent in manifesting my dream that is Bold & Brassy. Here's a little peek-a-boo into what an average day looks like for me. Please note it is subject to change at any given moment because a child has pooped in a spot other than the toilet, a friend needs to chat or one of my chickens is being stocked by a hawk. This is a look at my hot mess express of a life on a #basic day.


Day At Home - This includes no pre-booked activity or phone calls, or play dates or income producing activity! 

7am - Alive, alert, awake & enthusiastic (barely). If the kids are lucky I will roll out of bed like a slug and turn the cartoons on. If they aren’t lucky they are fending for themselves until I wake up in my own drool 15 minutes later.

730am - Have a morning pee, with an audience. Press the Keurig coffee button. I’ve taught Easton to make me a coffee, I’m sure this is dangerous.

8am - Head outside to get the chicken eggs. Sometimes we forget pants. Sometimes we forget the eggs. The kids splash around outside all the while it should be illegal for me to be awake and the only "responsible" adult around.

9am - I make the kids an awesome breakfast. (Went back outside to get the eggs I forgot & proceed to microwave the coffee I also forgot about). We talk about the dreams Easton had. This is my happy place. I clean up breakfast, do dishes and get in the groove..oh wait there is no groove.

10-430pm - Start working. Kids have structured play time .. haha that’s laughable and not real. Basically, they destroy the house and play with whatever they get their sticky hands on or watch a show. I do take an hour to do something with them, no interruptions. Play outside, color or just something so I don't feel like a total loser parent and we can enjoy one another and this beautiful day I’ve designed, ha! If I'm feeling energetic I will make some sort of grazing trough for them to pick at so I don't have to stop a million times for snacks. I feed them lunch somewhere in there as well. Connect with my Arbonne team, make videos etc. Update my website, price products answer emails, plan social media, run to the post office and spend an obscene amount of time figuring out technology.  I'll also maybe do some housework, probably not but there is a slim chance. There are a shit ton of distractions that take my attention away so I've learned to become an excellent multi-tasker & list maker. The MOST IMPORTANT of to-dos goes at the very top of my list and nail those ones first. 

 430pm - Start making a mediocre supper. Chicken and rice is my go too and my husband's least favourite. The days fly by so I don’t spend much time planning dinner. It’s a good thing I bring home some bacon because I sure wouldn’t cook it very well!

530pm - Eat & clean up supper, chat about the day with my sexy husband. Go outside or do something productive around our acreage (also subject to change)

730pm - Bath the kids which also doubles as washing the walls in my bathroom #winning 

8pm - Kids go to bed, mama needs a cold one. 

8-11pm - Team training calls, Arbonne appointments on zoom, clothing brand or industry research and if it’s my hubby’s lucky day…chill and watch Netflix.

Schedule Disclaimer: Most of the time if I'm staying home all day to "work" I don't wear pants, never have makeup on (unless I have a zoom training call in which case I dress the upper half of my body) and mostly brush my teeth the moment my husband gets home from work so I can give him a smooch and ask him about his day. Sexy, I know. 

Each and every one of you has what it takes to pursue your passions as well. All it takes is sick work ethic, grit and a vision that is bigger than the Beatles. Don't look at someone else's highlight reel and compare it to your behind the scenes. Everyone's life is messy and unbalanced at times, so don't make that wrong. The key to being happy in a totally unbalanced schedule is keeping it light, fun and being willing to laugh at yourself. I take my businesses VERY seriously but I don't take myself too seriously. When I do, I have great friends and family that give me a swift kick in the ass (thanks Mom, Shelbi & Mel who have all seen me ugly cry) to get it together. Feel the feeling, but don't live there.

This is obviously a day that I brushed my teeth and did my hair. It's like an eclipse. 

3 Important Skills It Takes To Succeed In Whatever You Are Doing:

Discipline: Discipline is the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be. Discipline is doing what you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has hit the road. Discipline is what you are doing behind the scenes when no one is watching. I read this excellent book to help me build up endurance, focus, and discipline on a daily basis. Check out The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. It's all about how the little things that you do daily are compounded over time that create your success. Discipline is not attending that super awesome BBQ or going to pick berries all day long because your business won't build itself. Basically, you sometimes have to say NO to the good, so you can MAKE the time to say YES to the great! Compromises.  

Grit: Grit is a strength of character. Grit is courage and resolve. It's a belief in yourself and what you are doing that no one can shake. Believe you me, people will tell you, you can't. People will poke fun at your "dream". Look at those people with love and compassion because again, they aren't stating a fact they are stating a belief. A belief that has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. When someone says you can't, it simply means THEY have told themselves they can't. It is very threatening to someone who has built a life case as to why they themselves can't get what they want and you are out there doing it, like a #boss. Give these people grace and more love than they may deserve because they need it most. True grit will crush this doubt. 

Failing Forward: There is no such thing as success without failures. Celebrate your failures. Learn from them. They are simply stepping stones toward a better you. If you can learn from it & laugh about it then it was totally relevant and important. I have had SO many failures in my adventures; Parenting failures, wife failures, work failures and I know for certain I will have much more. Embrace them and trust that Universe is placing these failures on your front porch to teach you a thing or two and to prepare you for life's uncertainties. Handle your failures with grace and allow them to humble you.

Obviously, I am in no way an expert on personal development, business or a strict schedule. I have been a student of personal growth for over 5 years now and have to work on myself daily. Identifying what works, and quickly changing what doesn't. I am on this same crazy beautiful journey that most of you are and if this post speaks to just one of you, then it was totally worth it. I'd love to hear from you and learn about your journey! A rising tide raises all boats so let us lift each other up! 

Bye for now!


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AMy Austin on

Bobbie, i absolutly loved, loved your post!! Made me totally laugh out loud and maDe me feel like im not alone in some of my crazy daily mom Adventures! You always are inspiring and such a positive person. I just love it. I just had to comment to tell you i think all that you are doing is amazing! Such a great soul! Love hearing about your great journey. Congrats on the website! The clothes look awesome, and i love onlinE shopping :)

MOm on

You make me proud on so many levels.. Watching you take this by storm is humbling for me as your mOther. Love you so much?

Demi on

You inspire me girl! Great post. <3

Nadine on

This is gold bobbie! A true glimpse into the life of a working mom, i could totally relate!!

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