Good Vibes & Loyal Tribes: Guest writers series!

Hey there! I'm so excited to start a blog series of Brassy guest writers. I have been pondering the idea of sharing with all of you the wisdom and enrichment I receive from my friends & family. I am so blessed to have so many amazing people (just like you) in my life. Nourishing and feeding my soul and that just ain't right to keep them all to myself! With a subtle nudge from my girlfriend Shelbi (okay, it's more like she's impatient and brings it up until I just do it - truly I love this about her ha!) I decided to get it going! 
There is something truly unique and incredible about You & the only person that can share that gift with others is, You! I feel like the people in my life are a part of the most magnificent circus. By circus, I don't mean a hot mess of big top tents and circus animals, although our actions are somewhat less than lady like. Simply put, they are great at so many different things. They offer a wide variety of insight from accessing your greater purpose to what I should cook for dinner to what self-tanners work best.
You have something to offer so if you'd like to guest write and have something to share then please contact us on our "contact" page. We'd love to share you with our followers!
Fun blog posts from our very own #boldandbrassy bombshells are coming!

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