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FNA Fitted Women's T-Shirt


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FNA custom branded crewneck t-shirt in two trendy colours; Black & Burgundy. The branded logo is inspired by nature and the elements speak to the true adventurer within! This short sleeve sweater is lightweight and offers a crew neckline that is both comfortable & casual. Flirty fit offers a flattering figure. Wherever the trail takes you, stay cozy and fashionionable in this trendy, womens cropped long sleeve hoodie. Fits true to size. 

  • 60/40 Cotton/Polyester blend is a luxuriously soft & cozy feel
  • Lightweight for a bulk free fit
  • Pressed custom logo
  • Fitted

The FNA story.

Fear Not Apparel is a locally owned brand built by two Men from Grande Prairie, AB who are running the rate race in the corporate world. They have partnered up with Bobbie, the owner of Bold & Brassy Boutique to bring you a brand that can be represented in any sport or activity you are doing..without compromising your style. Inspired by a desire to really live outside the norm and take advantage of all the experiences life has to offer. A lifestyle brand that can be worn loud and proud anywhere in the world, doing anything..well almost anything ;)

NO, we did not have FU@$*N-A as our motivating narrative - or did we!? EFFIN' A! 

FNA was founded The Year the World Forgot How to Have Fun.  There were a number of serious challenges worldwide that resulted in this Fun Factor Freeze.

So many limitations on a life once lived, but in almost every jurisdiction, our ability to get outdoors and move, was still there.

FNA now recognizes that The-Year-the-World-Forgot-How-to-Have-Fun was actually an opportunity to rouse ourselves from the screen trance that has been slowly deteriorating the quality of our existence.


With so many restrictions on our lives---it is all the more important----to motivate the muscles, to ditch the Hamster Wheel, to Go Beyond the Pavement, to Be in the Story.